Claudia (BSc, MSc)

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  • With Chirag Patel!
  • I am a true scientist and hold a BSc and a MSc

  • My science background makes me great at troubleshooting

  • I’m an environmentalist, an animal lover and enthusiast

  •  I’m an optimist, I’m  persistent and I hardly ever give up

  • I became passionate about dog training and animal behaviour thanks to my rescue dog <3

  • When I learned that more animals get surrendered and/or die due to behavioral issues than physical health issues, I knew I had to help!

  • I use NO FORCE and NO FEAR when training animals

  • I’m against the use of prong/choke/shock collars and have published a brochure to educate the public:
  • I’m great at what I do!

  • My passion is animal behaviour
  • I have experience with pretty much every problem behaviour, from potty training to nuisance barking, to aggression with dogs of any age.

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I really would like to thank Claudia from The Howly Hound for giving me the tools to train my dog, Sigma. He is aggressive towards other dogs but her patience and her positive reinforcement training has brought him a long way! She helped me identify Sigma’s body language when he’s stressed or relaxed and showed me many exercises to try at home. I’ve had a very positive experience with Claudia.

Peter N.